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Awesome and Educational Family Military Memory Game 

SUPER COOL AND AUTHENTIC PHOTOS OF MILITARY MEN AND MACHINES – Does your child love army guys and super cool military tools and machines? Then this game is an excellent tool to engage your child in hours of educational fun. This awesome military memory game comes with a complete set of 50 matching memory cards depicting authentic, colorful glossy photos of military men and machinery–your child will be thrilled! What’s more–each photo has accompanying educational information so the whole family can learn together!

MAKES LEARNING FUN AND INTERESTING – Your child will love this memory game. Played in pairs, threes, or as a family, this educational military memory game is a perfect after-school, evening, or weekend activity. Learning should be an enjoyable process in which your child can succeed and this interactive memory game will ensure fun times for your child, his friends, and the whole family! This family-oriented memory game provides interactive, social, fun, practical, hands-on fun–exactly what effective learning activities should do!